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  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)
  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)
  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)
  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)
  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)
  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)
  • ZK6838H yutong bus(Autocars de tourisme,)

Big Room, Big Boom


Larger luggage space: the volume of the optimized luggage compartment is 13% larger than that of the vehicles of same kind and can carry more luggage, bringing more convenience for passengers.

Enlarged passenger compartment: voluminous interior space, widened aisle and more optional seat types provide you with a better ride comfort. Optimized layout of seats, luggage rack and other accessories maximizes the interior space.

Ultra large driver space: flat driver zone facilitates the cleaning and placement of items. Optimized dashboard provides an easy access to boarding.

Advanced structure ensures the quality


Fuel tank of 200L extends the driving range;

Inheriting the good genes of Yutong medium-sized products, the vehicle has full rounded appearance with a more approachable feeling;

NVH mute technology, six-airbag suspension, lowered body weight and optimized power matching provide you with a better ride comfort.

  • ZK6838H

More Concern, More Benefits

Six-way adjustable driver seat: six-way adjustable driver seat with backrest inclination makes it easy for drivers to find the optimal position;
Pressure-balanced seat: with the ergonomic design, the ride comfort of passengers is greatly improved;
Fresh air circulation technology of A/C: when the compressor of air conditioner is not turned on, the air inside the vehicle can be totally replaced in five minutes averagely through triggering the air circulation device, which not only improves the comfort of the passenger compartment, but also cuts the fuel consumption.


Paramètres de configuration

Bus model ZK6838H
Modèle du moteur ISB4.5E5 207
Extérieur (mm) 8325*2470*3340
Poids totale maximale (kg) 11200
Compartiment de bagages (M3) 2.0~2.5
Vitesse maximale (km/h) 110

Paramètres de châssis / Configuration

Fabricant de châssis Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Embrayage Outer diameter of friction lining 395, hydraulic remote control with air assistance
Boîte de vitesse 6-speed manual gearbox (AT)
Système de freinage Dual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS optional: retarder
Système de suspension Air suspension, bidirectional telescopic shock absorber
Pneu 255/70R22.5
Capacité du réservoir de carburant (L) 200
Autres -

Configuration de la carrosserie

Siège standard 31+1+1, adjustable backrest, breadthwise adjustable
Garnitures intérieures de la carrosserie Integral air duct, reading lamp, air outlet, curtain
Système de climatisation Non-independent roof-mounted A/C (18000-22000kcal/h)
Système de chauffage None
Système audiovisuel DVD player, 17" LCD monitor in the front
Dispositifs de service Electronic clock, water dispenser, back guide monitor
Other facilities Windshield wiper, remote control lock
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