Chaque année, les autobus de Yutong roulent totalement 43 000 000 000 de kilomètres et transportent 34 000 000 000 de passagers.

OSN System

Through optimizing the management of claims settlement, online procurement of spare parts, technical documents inquiry and so on, Yutong is dedicated to building an accurate, efficient and reliable overseas service management platform to support the industry-leading overseas service, spare parts management and construction of the market service system.

At present, OSN has achieved a whole-process standardized management from intended orders to vehicle delivery, providing online services like documents inquiry, online procurement, problem feedback and so on, which significantly improves the timely response to customers as well as the quality and effectiveness of replies.

Through the OSN system, customers can easily check the needed technical documents, conduct spare parts selection and procurement online, submit service information and give feedback.

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OSN System
OSN System





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